The SneakySequencer

For years I've been dreaming of a live-performance sequencer that would give me the power and flexibility to perform music with a perfect balance between the ability to control, improvise & automate. Drawing heavily on sequencing paradigms developed at Yamaha (16 sections with multiple tracks per section), I built and programmed my own.

I basically wrote the algorithm on an airplane ride back from a gig in Malta in January 2006, then played around with layout of the user interface a little bit during the next year. It was only in late February 2007 that I decided to build it - so it basically took about a month to order the parts, build it and program it. Not bad!

I originally ordered PLED's for the displays but they both died after less than a month. #$%^*!!! No wonder they were discontinued. Not only that, the replacements I ordered were also DOA so I simply replaced them with blue LCD's (see the very last photo on this page).


  1. Developed using MIDIbox boards
    and programmed in C.
  2. 2 independent sequencers, one of which can be slaved to the other.
  3. Each sequencer will be able to load one "song" at a time. A song is chosen by the push-button rotary encoder.
  4. 16 sections per song
  5. 6 tracks per section that can be muted or unmuted with the track-mute buttons
  6. 256 measures per track - this is where this really differs from the Midibox Seq

- SneaQuencer (haha) Source code:

For all the gory development details, view the following discussions on the MIDIbox Forum and the LivePA Forum

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