We love this guy. With a preponderance of I-T-A-L- (ah, you know where I’m going) knockoffs on the market today, the Thief is no plagiarist, but a cunning crafter of iridescent, original dance hybridizations. Opener “My Sullen Mistress” is reason enough to get on board, a near-perfect synthesis of smiley synthers like N.O.I.A. with tougher, more electro-indebted edges. The swelling of the electronic orchestra mid-way through unveils the Sneak Thief agenda - a weaving of threads so thick the end result is furry, rather than difficult to unravel. “Robinsons Funk” is a limber little aphrodisiac that shows his fetish for crisp string lines, in this case used as garnish on a sexy-spooky jeep beat. Finally, the title track goes full-throttle with a Yello-like assault of vocal samples, plucked basslines, lightsaber synths and a wobbly lead easily mimed by the human voice. OK, Mr. Morin, this is great. Now where’s the album?
- Review of G-String Orchestra EP courtesy
Mallory O’Donnell @ Listen
Talking about latin class (&Miami Vice styles!), Juan's homey Fuck Hugo has been totally rocking Berlin for a few years with the Cashmoney Party crew, we go way way back (old sally...) and he's a great guy, good guy && total star, he's recorded this fantastic New Beat/Synth/Disco undisco mix (check, vinyl) with his blud T. Keeler, read the tracklist, dload, listen, go wha, get him to play in your party or something, it's a winner.
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20 jazz funk greats

Skrufff Magazine Album Of The Week

Canadian expat-in-Berlin producer Sneak-Thief (aka Michel Morin) describes his style as "melancholic mechanical music, electrofunk and R&B" which is a fair description of this new 16 track compilation recorded live in Berlin earlier this year.

Dubbed Sneak Thief versus Polygamy Boys, the seamlessly mixed long player is in reality Michael plus friends (singer Lindsay-J joined Sneak-Thief in 2002, while the Polygamy Boys feature Morin plus German veteran producer Stephan Busche, a DJ since 1980 with a similarly long pedigree promoting EBM parties.) The duo actually met online initially (on the Global Darkness forum) and agreed to collaborate on meeting in Berlin in 2002.

"I believe there are a lot of musical journeys started by various producers from the early 80s that are worth pursuing further," Morin's explained of his interest in italo-disco and EBM", adding "the key is to avoid the easy musical clichés by focusing on song structure, harmonies and skilful drum programming."

Sneak-Thief vs. Polygamy Boys proves they've done just that, and the result is a fine collection of contemporary electro-disco electronic music that's as immediately accessible as well as it's danceable. Both characters stress that no CDs or vinyl are used in their music, emphasising its originality and the sheer confidence that lies at the heart of this album.
One to watch.

Genre: Italo-disco-electro

Rating: 8/10

- Review of Sneak-Thief vs. Polygamy Boys courtesy
Jonty Skrufff (
Original and completely fresh take on the whole retro/electro/punkfunk sound that's everywhere these days! This guy is also responsible for some mad crate stuff on Bunker and Intuit Solar.
- Review of Cold Ways EP courtesy
Lovehouse, Electrosoul, Softbeat or 2step? [The Cold Ways EP] lies somewhere in between all of that; electro - but completely different. It's extremely harmonious and beautiful. It starts with the singer Lindsay J's charming and all-class voice; next, clear Beats (without unnecessary bells and whistles) and opportune synth melodies. It's no miracle that Sneak-Thief publishes on various labels - I want them all. Ass-shakin' guaranteed, with a smile and some groooovin...! We simply call it ' happylectro '...
- Review of Cold Ways EP courtesy
The Canadian producer Michel Morin, a.k.a. Sneak-Thief, is one of the new draftees of Savas Pascalidis for his Lasergun label in an attempt to revitalize the sound of his less and less creative catalogue. There's nothing better than to move away from the post-electroclash of this teutonic label towards a sound that's reminiscent of disco, funk, and new wave, along the successful line of Metro Area - an already habitual proposal in the productions of Pascalidis. "Cold ways", the first of the cuts on this 12", grapples between italo-disco and neo-funk with a successful result, thanks to the vocals of Lindsay J who's the total hero of this track. "Pussycharmer", on the other hand, leans towards the new sounds coming from New York. Its low-hitting percussion delivers a punch with a theme and feeling of more recent times. On the flip-side, "Once bitten" is playful electro 'made in Lasergun' style and "Twice Shy" is a calm goodbye with a peculiarly evocative 'gusto-soul' that is straight-to-the-point. It provides a good end to this glitzy maxi that we hope serves to mark a departure point in a renovation of this German label, where they also have something to say with other new groups like Water Lilly (Mental Groove) or Nitsch & Gleinser (Pocketgame). Hopefully this is the case.
- Review of Cold Ways EP courtesy
Walking in the footsteps of the mighty Gigolo records, Lasergun is shooting in all directions. Every release now unearths a different cross-breed of genres packed with arty-punky "savoir faire". These lo-fi electronic tracks always showcase a rare sense of individuality that's worth putting an ear to. Sneak Thief aka Michel Morin presents four bleepy tracks ranging from Oriental Funk to nostalgic Pop and computer-game Electro.

Rating: 4 (out of 4)

- Review of Cold Ways EP courtesy
Jerry Bouthier / Continental Productions
A surprising release by Canadian producer Michel Morin Aka Sneak Thief who previously appeared on Intuit Solar, Bunker and GHR (his label). On A-side, an singed electro R'n'B track and another one in electro disco funk style. On B-side, electro disco 80's again, in a king of Ural 13 Diktators' style but without crazy vocals. A very original EP with many nice melodies & arrangements.

- Review of Cold Ways EP courtesy
These tracks are definitely a surprise coming from Lasergun; the hybrid R`N`B-like disco and the Vocals of Linday J determine simply everything. If it weren't for the slammin' beats and the sweet cut-up sounds of the live drumkits, then the listener would have a hard time distinguishing this track from disco of times gone by. More power to Sneak-Thief for continuing where M.A.N.D.Y. has left off. The other tracks on the EP are also surprising for Lasergun - they all originate from Michel Morin of Canada. Simple but euphoric melodies from the good old days of Miami-Bass, played bass runs, live drum sounds in throngs - it's occasionally a little too cheery and exaggerated to be considered retro. Although silly at times, this is a killer record whose every single track is unique.

Rating: 5 (out of 5)

- Review of Cold Ways EP courtesy
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