Sneak-Thief's crazy Nord Micromodular Experiment
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Ever wondered if you could stick one synth in another? How about a Nord Microdular inside the expansion slot for the RS7000?
The pictures speak for themselves:






Note: the micromodular is powered directly from the RS7000's power supply. For this project, I purchased 4 10k potentiometers, 3 buttons, and 2 7-segment LED displays, which all came to about $15. It took me a few days to put it all together. The hardest part was using a hacksaw to cut the mounting plate (shown in the 4th pic) and drilling the holes for the pot's and LED. why did i do it? it's lighter and easier to setup; but more importantly, the micromod is now more naturally integrated into my workflow. it's funny how tweaking a user interface (in this case, the rs7000) can give you a more efficient production process. putting it in the rs7000 simply makes it more convenient to use for me in terms of setup and ergonomics... I also have a 2nd mircomodular that I'm not planning on hacking up *lol*